The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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by Geoff Allan

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I had a dream last night about us
It's been so long since we last talked
I almost thought of calling you

But then I thought about the reasons why
Our love affair was never meant to be
And all the things you did to burn me to the ground

I wish I had a chance to tell you
How much it hurt me when you lied
You never seemed to think much of me

'Cause I was never good enough for you
You cut me down at every chance you had
And I could never see you being there for me

I worked so hard to try to keep you
It should have never been that way
It's like you wanted to go

All you really had to do was try
But that was something you could never do
And in the end you walked away from me
And there was nothing I could say or do

(instrumental solos)

I was left to rebuild my life
And I learned to live without you
Pushing away all the pain
Now I'm better off without you
I can finally let you go
But I will always love you

This is a work in progress.
Please do not distribute this version.
May 1: Third Release Candidate.
April 29: Second Release Candidate.
April 28: First Release Candidate. Subtle compression on vocals, some other tweaks and adjustments, but radio ready.
April 26: Smoothed vocals, made some other tweaks, added some drum elements. Back at work with this song, a month break has hopefully improved my perspective.
March 29: Added first iteration of solo lead guitar.
March 28: Vocals now essentially done, and much smoother. Still have about 3 tracks to record.
March 27: Significant effort balancing and trimming the vocals. No pitch correction, although there are a few spots that might benefit. This one uses Ceilings to conform to a mastering "ideal", not sure if I want to keep it this way.
March 26: Lyrics and harmonies recorded. Rough mix only, but it is coming together well. Still several tracks to add, but so far so good.
March 24: Rough Lyrics included for the first time to see how they fit in the song. Not a full lyrics track, no effects or harmonies yet.
March 19: Drums, Bass, Guitar and Piano are about done. This track will be the guide for recording vocals.
March 17: removed spurious tracks, did a bit more EQ and balancing, started working on the drums.
March 16: first rough mix with a few effects and EQ, and will be used to guide for the vocals and finish up the actual drum track.

Tracking and mastering in 2496 audio using Focusrite hardware, Cakewalk (Bandlab), various useful plugins, a Fender Stratocaster, Piano, etc.

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