The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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A Child
by Geoff Allan

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A child is born into this world
Nothing can describe the beauty and the joy she brings
A child is brought into this life
No one can deny the peaceful satisfaction, love and happy futures, giggling and laughter now

A child is innocent and pure
Playing in the playground, dressing up her dolls and good.
A child is everything we need
Future generations, positive emotions, helpless as an infant, then she starts to go to school

Mama says "something is wrong with her
She never listens when I scream"
She's gonna find her way to where she wants to be
She's gonna find her way away

And she gets brought down in her school
Other girls are jealous tell her that she's just no good
A child that cries herself to sleep
Colored hair and piercing, never ending diets, dressing like she's older, crying for attention too

A child is found out on the street
When they bring her home she only runs away again
And mama just doesn't have the time
Partying with neighbors looking to get high, forgot she has a daughter someone else is watching her.

Mama says "just keep away from her
I never meant for her to cry"
Mama says "I'm going to get her back
I'm gonna beat her til she's mine again"
She's gonna find her way to where she wants to be
She's gonna find her way away

A child is found out in the woods
Checking dental records just to find out who she was
A child was buried yesterday
Devastated mother tearful and regretful, tells the TV cameras I did nothing wrong with her.

This song is about child abuse, an abusive and uncaring mother, and the worst possible outcome. Note that rights will be granted for use of this song in any capacity for shelter or child abuse education or fundraisers.

Recorded at CIP's Calgary production facility using Sonar 4, The Grand (piano), Trilogy (Bass), EZDrummer.

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  • Oh. My. God. You just described my childhood.
    by Tara Johns in Edmonton, Alberta (26/F) - 2005-03-26

  • Come on, TJ, I just posted the song and you commented :)
    by Geoff Allan in Calgary (30/M) - 2005-03-28

  • I have heard this song a few times now and I get more out of it after every listen through. It always brings a tear to my eye - fantastic song!!
    by Leigh Jackson in Australia (37/F) - 2005-04-20

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