The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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1. Reasons Why
2. Leave The Past Behind
3. Trouble
4. Look Away
7. I Don't Miss You
12. A Child
14. One Seven (No Lyrics)
16. Angel (RE)
19. Dream Of Me
20. Winter (2020)
32. Crashing And Burning (RE)
33. What Has Happened (RE)
34. Everything About You (RE)
35. Wanna Go Back (RE)
36. Nothing (RE)
39. Love With You (RE)
40. Never Want To Die (RE)
41. Tonight (RE)
47. Walk Away (RE)
48. A New Spark (RE)
51. You Can Be (2020)
53. Goodbye (2020)
60. The Road To Where You Want To Be (2020)
61. Animals (2020)
62. Classical DJ (2020)
73. (Preview) Intro 4
74. For You (RE)
75. Ask You Your Name (RE)
76. Breathing (RE)
77. Betrayal (RE)
78. Tonight (single)
79. The Castle
80. A Lonely Night
84. Norwegian Wood
85. The Child Inside
86. Good Enough
87. I Know Where Your Dreams Are
88. Take The Pain Away (RE)
89. If I Was
92. Can't Walk Away
93. Track1b
94. Beware
95. Can't Breathe
99. Tarragon Eyes (recovered)
100. Thing For You (recovered)

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