The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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Look Away
by Geoff Allan

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I've been spending my whole life searching
For someone who would share my life with me.
After looking for all those years
I start to thinking there's no one left for me.

I don't want to be lonely.
I want to find the other half of me.
I have high expectations,
But I'm not looking for a perfect girl.
(Perfect Girl)

I know
I will find the right one.
And I will truly love her,
And she won't run away.

It's time
To find someone to believe in,
Who believes in me,
The girl that wants to stay.

Look away.


You were spending your whole life searching,
For someone who could share their life with you.
I know you looked for all those years,
Maybe thinking there was no one left for you.

Nobody should be lonely.
Everyone should find someone,
To be all that you hope for,
To be the one you can say you love.
(Say you love)

You know
You will find the right one.
And they will truly love you,
And they will always stay.

You are a prize worth having.
You shouldn't have to be lonely,
You never have to be afraid.

Too long
You doubted your own purpose.
You doubted your own value.
You pushed them all away.

Can be the start of magic,
Can be the time it all begins.
Tonight you make a change.

Make a change.

Never give up.

There is no age limit on finding the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with.

Recorded in 24 bits/96 kHz at the Color Media Productions Lakeside studio.

Guitars: Strat
Bass: Modo Bass
Drums: Modo Drum
Vocal Mic: Rode NT1
DAW: Presonus Studio One
Mixing: SSL Software Suite
Mastering: Ozone

Not quite on the grid.

Current Mix: 11.03.2023 S1_SSL
(Integrated LUFS: -10.7)
Loudness Chart

There are no "loops" or pieced together parts to this recording. Every track was recorded straight through, or edited with punch-in and out, like the old days of tape. A mistake meant deleting the track and starting over. Yes, there are imperfections, but that's part of music.

We have switched our DAW to Studio One, modern software that is extremely fast and flexible. Also, it hosts the SSL plugins much better.

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