The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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Nothing (RE)
by Geoff Allan

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I hear the words you're saying,
Can't believe you really mean them.
This is my life you're trashing,
How did you get turned around?

You were nothing when I found you,
Now I see you're nothing more.

Inside your head is nothing,
You have lost your sanity.
You like to be with losers,
That is why you don't want me.

You were nothing when I found you,
Now I see you're nothing more.

I had a dream last summer,
Floating above a perfect sea.
And then you came along and
Pulled me beneath the waves of your world.

You have a bitter outlook,
Life is only what you can take.
You sucked my soul away,
Crumpled me, threw me away.

You were nothing when I found you,
Now I see you're nothing more.

You live in a world of hatred,
Bitter acid in your belly.
You teach your child it's normal,
But hatred is for stupid people.

You'll never learn your lesson,
Just continue on your way.
When she runs away you'll wonder,
Wonder what went wrong with her...

I think you can probably detect a bit of bitterness here. Well, for a short while I dated this incredibly stupid woman. She is an abusive mother, drug user and alcoholic, and the rest of the song writes itself.

I sincerely hope she reads these lyrics and realizes that I think she is incredibly stupid. I was the only hope for her child to grow up without the hatred, bile, disease and stupidity that is her life. So sad.

Part of the 2020 Remastering push.

Recorded in September 2004 using Cakewalk Sonar and Sony Acid. Written, performed, produced and engineered by Geoff Allan at CIP's Calgary production facility.

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