The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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Reasons Why
by Geoff Allan

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I had a dream last night about us
It's been so long since we last talked
I almost thought of calling you

But then I thought about the reasons why
Our love affair was never meant to be
And all the things you did to burn me to the ground

I wish I had a chance to tell you
How much it hurt me when you lied
You never seemed to think much of me

'Cause I was never good enough for you
You cut me down at every chance you had
And I could never see you being there for me

I worked so hard to try to keep you
It should have never been that way
It's like you wanted to go

All you really had to do was try
But that was something you could never do
And in the end you walked away from me
And there was nothing I could say or do

(instrumental solos)

I was left to rebuild my life
And I learned to live without you
Pushing away all the pain
Now I'm better off without you
I can finally let you go
But I will always love you

Sometimes you think about your ex, and think maybe you should contact her (or him) again.
But if you think about the reasons why they're your ex, that might help you get over the urge.
There's nothing wrong with still being in love with the memories, but usually it's best to leave the past in the past.

Recorded in 24 bits/96 kHz at the Color Media Productions Lakeside studio.

Guitars: Strat
Bass: Modo Bass
Drums: Modo Drum
Vocal Mic: Rode NT1
DAW: Presonus Studio One
Mixing: SSL Software Suite
Mastering: Ozone

Not quite on the grid.

Current Mix: 11.03.2023 S1_SSL
(Integrated LUFS: -10.5)
Loudness Chart

Studio One, SSL, and Slate plugins.

There are no "loops" or pieced together parts to this recording. Every track was recorded straight through, or edited with punch-in and out, like the old days of tape. A mistake meant deleting the track and starting over. Yes, there are imperfections, but that's part of music.

We have switched our DAW to Studio One, modern software that is extremely fast and flexible. Also, it hosts the SSL plugins much better.

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