The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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Leave The Past Behind
by Geoff Allan

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Have the power to make you smile and linger,
Or crush your ego.

The things that people did to you
They were not your fault
You can't undo them

* If you leave the past behind,
* It can not control your mind.
* And maybe some day you can just
* Forget you're broken.

Take some time to think things over
You can only live your own life.

There is a battle in your mind
Like the chaos in the streets
They're fighting
A revolution

The memories won't let you sleep
And if you let them own you
They will control you

* You gotta leave the past behind
* Never let it own your mind
* And maybe some day you can win
* a battle with your demons

* You're the one that's in control
* You're the captain of your mind
* If you want peace you have to
* Let it go.

The past belongs in the past.
You alone create your future.

When you leave your past behind
It still belongs to you
You own it.
It shapes who you are.

You keep those memories and scars
Let them remind you
That you are stronger

* When the dark gives way to dawn
* And you realize you're strong
* Then you'll know that
* You are done with feeling broken.

When you find the power in you
No one else can ever break you.

Holding on to toxic memories can cripple you in ways you can't always see.
While you can't simply erase memories, you can stop letting them control you.
Keep the good, leave the bad behind.

Recorded in 24 bits/96 kHz at the Color Media Productions Lakeside studio.

Guitars: Strat, Epiphone acoustic
Bass: Fender
Piano: New York Concert Grand
Drums: Modo
Orchestra: EW Symphonic
Vocal Mic: Rode NT1
DAW: Presonus Studio One
Mixing: SSL Software Suite
Mastering: Ozone

Not quite on the grid.

Current Mix: 11.03.2023 (S1) (O11)
(Integrated LUFS: -10.5)
Loudness Chart

There are no "loops" or pieced together parts to this recording. Every track was recorded straight through, like the old days of tape. A mistake meant deleting the track and starting over. As a result, there are imperfections, but that's part of music.

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