The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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The Castle
by Geoff Allan

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There's a castle on a lonely hill
In the center of a cold grey lake
Poison ivy creeps upon the walls
None gain entry to this place.

Off the central hallway, lined with guards
Lies a secret doorway, blocked with bars
Past the dragon's lair, down some stairs
Hangs a padlocked chest suspended in the air

That's the place I locked my heart away
None can find it there, safe from harm
So secure behind these castle walls

Came a maiden from a far away land
Skilled at swordplay, good as any man
Climbed a mountain range, surveyed the land
Made my heart her sacred goal

Led her valiant army past the lake
Smashed the drawbridge with a battering ram
Killed the dragon, who was my best friend
Broke the padlocks, ripped apart the chest

Then she stole my heart and ran away
Went to look one day and it was gone
Sent a searcher through, across the land.

Where is love?
Where is my love?
I search for happiness...

A silver archer climbs the rampart
And scans the horizon for a sign
Off the distance, a flame, and smoke from a campsite
A group marches out to parley for terms
And a deal is struck,
Where she can keep my heart and I can search it any time.

If you build a castle just beware
Danger lurks for your heart everywhere
Keep it with you search it every day
Wear your heart out on your sleeve.

Don't keep your heart, locked up away
Keep it at hand, search it each day.
Don't keep your heart, locked up away
Keep it at hand, search it each day.

Your time will come...

As you can tell, this was intended to be a giant opus, telling a cautionary tale and including epic scenery. Of course, it was just a demo and the instrumentation isn't quite there. The last verse is really bad, too.

Oh yes, she stole my heart, using an entire army.

She also killed the dragon. Poor little guy, he wasn't a fire breather though.

One day I'd like to finish this and record it properly.

From the album "The Castle".
Recorded on a Tascam 8-track cassette recorded, mastered to DAT, transferred to digital via analog out.

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