The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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One Seven (The Great Awakening)
by Geoff Allan

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What if everything you know is a lie?
What if all of history is just fiction?
What if they control you like they're playing games?
What will happen when the truth comes out?

(The Great Awakening)

They don't care what you think anyway.
They think they run the world and have last say.
They can set you up and put you away for years.
They keep the world at war so they can feed on chaos.

(The Great Awakening)

Every day is better than the day before.
The world is more at peace than it ever was.
Economies are booming, and life is better than we could have hoped.
We're only at the start of waking up...

(The Great Awakening)


February 19, 2020: Probably about the best mix I can get with this project. I realized when I went to record vocals that I couldn't reach the notes I had written it for, so compromised by singing an octave low and harmonizing. Not the best outcome, but the lyrics are intelligible.

February 14, 2020: With the treatment finished in the studio, got a significantly better mix. Added choirs.

January 29, 2020: Initial upload, first mix, no vocals. This mix was created for tracking vocals and does not represent a final mix.

Recorded in 24 bit, 96 KHz studio quality audio in the CMP Lakeside studio, using an acoustic guitar, Stratocaster, BFD3, Rickenbacker Bass, and New York Concert Grand piano.

DAW: BandLab Cakewalk (formerly Cakewalk Sonar).

Mastered with Ozone 9.

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