The Road To Where You Want To Be
Artist: Geoff Allan
Publisher: Color International Productions
Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indy
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2020 Remastering is complete. The entire catalog of older songs has been remastered to bring them into line with modern recording standards.

These songs were recorded using a variety of technologies from multi-track cassette to modern high resolution digital, and are now processed and remastered using the very best industry standard tools to ensure better EQ and levels.

Newly remastered songs can be identified by the (RE) tag after the title.

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  • The Road To Where You Want To Be is a complex mix of styles and moods, inspired by world events.

    From the opening drum hit of the anthem-like The Road To Where You Want To Be to the final fading mystery of Tonight, the listener is immersed in the unique sound that belongs to Geoff Allan. Characterized by crisp instrumentals and rock solid vocals, Geoff's signature sound brings to mind a fusing of classic rock with modern style.
    by Review Manager in Review Central (34/M) - 2005-01-28

  • Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your CD. My favorite songs are 'Crashing and Burning', 'Everything About You' and 'Dream Of Me'. I hope you are able to make another CD soon as I really enjoyed listening to this one.
    by Leigh in Australia (32/F) - 2005-02-01

  • It took me a while, but I finally got all the MP3s and listened all the way through. This is a very unique and listenable collection. I am very impressed with both the technical quality of the recordings and the music itself.

    I think you have managed to slide some political statements into a pleasing and non-confrontational presentation, which is a good thing.

    I'm having a hard time deciding which is my favorite, the entire first group is really very good. The Road has a motion to it that should not be missed. Dream of Me is nothing short of brilliant as a love song. Crashing and Burning reminds me of times in my past. Tonight at first sounds like a big muddy mess until you get into it, and realize that it is actually very deep and detailed.

    Kudos, Geoff, on an exceptional solo effort. I am impressed.
    by Terrible Ivan in California (31/M) - 2005-02-25

  • Geoff has done production and engineering work for my own band, which I promised not to try to promote here. He's been doing this for years and his attention to detail is known in certain circles.

    The first half of this CD is new stuff, specifically recorded for the CD, the second half is older stuff that doesn't directly connect. I can't say enough how much I like the overall sound and feel of the CD. I find the sound very relaxing and stirring.

    The Road To Where You Want To Be first reminded me of The Police, but it goes beyond that. Political statements are difficult to express without sounding like you're ranting, but Geoff has managed to do no ranting here (except Nothing, which is understandable). We are all on the same road, and the destination is someplace we all want to be. Some people just thought we could take an alternate road.

    This is an excellent CD, and I've played it many times, and will continue to. The music is hypnotic in a way, on first listen it doesn't have the "hook" of a top-10 effort, but there is a depth to these songs that makes you want to hear them over and over.
    by Richard in Red Deer, Alberta (28/M) - 2005-02-28

  • Geoff's latest work, The Road To Where You Want To Be, is a wonderful mixture of styles, inspirations, and moral viewpoints. I have been lucky enough to hear much of Geoff's previous catalog, and this album is easily his deepest and most refined work. Geoff's musical roots are not hidden, as you'll hear notable influences from the likes of The Police, U2, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac.

    The opening title song is a driving pop rock tune with a catchy chorus.

    "Dream of Me" is a memorable love ballad, and I can say I won't be surprised to see it at the top of the charts in the near future. I catch myself singing the chorus in my head throughout the day. One of the highlights of the album.

    The Road gives away its age with views and personal accounts of today's world in "What Has Happened" and "Winter." In "Wanna Go Back," Geoff recalls a time when the world felt safer.

    "Everything About You" ends with the most beautiful instrumental work on the album. Heavy U2 influence on the guitar. I love the orchestral drums and woodwinds. Simply outstanding.

    "Never Want To Die." At first, I felt this song was a little too rough for production. But I've come to understand that it was intentional. And it fits. Listen to what's being said, and you'll understand.

    Last but not least, "Tonight" is my favorite track on the album. Our last night in the world. It's almost too easy just to get lost in all the different things going on here. You've got layers and layers of haunting vocals, hefty yet subtle piano, synths everywhere, driving percussion, and even strings! Musically, this song is better than practically all the production music coming out today. Absolutely wonderful track.

    Overall, The Road To Where You Want To Be is nothing short of excellent. During the first couple of listens through, you might not see what all of the fuss is about. But as you hear it more, it deepens both lyrically and instrumentally. And that is the mark of a truly great music album.

    I, for one, will be anxiously awaiting Geoff Allan's upcoming breakthrough into the commercial music realm.
    by Steve F. in Columbus, Ohio (22/M) - 2005-03-04

  • Songs such as "What Has Happened" have the ability to drive the brutal reality of what is truly happening in today's society into our minds. This song clearly states and emphasizes Geoff's ability to clearly make a point in such a way that it is neither biased nor reformed. It is through music like his that our outlook on such matters as 9/11 can be understood on a much higher level of thought. The video nearly brought me to tears. Geoff not only has the ability to emphasize on matters that he believes in but he also has the abilty to touch the hearts of every individual who listens to his music or watches his videos. His music is Original, beautifully orchestrated, and professional. I love his CD and can not wait until he makes another!

    If there is any one in the world who can make a difference, it is Geoff. I look forward to him rising to the top, not only through music, but in his million other talents as well. The best luck to you Geoff!
    by Gina in Calgary Alberta (0/F) - 2005-07-18

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